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TROT is currently working on a new website.  Information on this website will not always be updated so please contact the TROT Office on 01622 735599 (Monday to Friday 10am-2pm) or e-mail us on info@tollrides.org.uk if you have any queries.



TROT and BHS join forces again to run Confident Hacking Day - 1st Dec 2013

By kind permission of Lin Thomson at Rooting Street Farm Equestrian, a BHS approved yard, the West Kent Branch of the BHS was able to join with TROT,, for the very first of these courses. 

We met with TROT to explore this idea some months ago and when we spoke to Lin she was very keen to get something up and running as soon as possible.  Donna from TROT said ‘Our aim to help riders to have the confidence to hack out in the open countryside and enjoy it!  We are delighted the BHS are working with us. ‘

Lin did the advertising and places were very soon filled. Tim, the BHS registered instructor and Riding and Road Safety Trainer and Senior Assessor started off with a round table session in the fantastic lecture room, to hear some of the fears and not so good experiences of those on the course. We were able to think about the natural behaviour of horses and how lots of things they do are driven by instinct and not naughtiness! 
We discussed how a paper bag always remains static until you get up to it, how the horse walks by a noisy tractor and then reacts to the squeak of a gate. We talked about dealing with other road users and that, mostly, the reaction we get from them depends on how we behave towards them. We spoke about the importance of saying thank you in a big, clear voice and smiling, which are clear signals of our intentions, and about how to deal with traffic lights.

We looked at what we and our horses should wear and what we should take with us, and reminded ourselves that good hi-viz gear buys us an extra and very important three seconds.

Then it was off to find our horses and tack up, taking them first to the outdoor school where we looked at paces and stepping over raised poles (as in fallen branches), and then to the fields.
Next we were joined by the local TROT rep, Penny, and set off on our two hour hack round the most wonderful countryside, first along the edge of the river (!) and then through woods and open fields. As we went we were able to talk and learn more about the situations to be met and enjoyed when hacking. We dealt with some of these too; ducking under some very low trees, dealing with cars on the short stretches of road work and opening and closing the gates en route.

We were counted out and the same number came back! The rain had held off but the wind was up. We then thought about how to deal with the horses upon their return, giving our first thoughts to them before we looked after ourselves.  Back then to the lecture room for food, chocolate biscuits and a debrief. Lots of confidence established and good memories put in place. The main problem was how we are going to fit in the demands to take it all one step further!
Cathy, one of the participants said 'A massive thank you for organising such an informative and very useful course.  I really enjoyed it.'

From Spring 2014 we are very keen to run similar courses, from yards that have access to TROT Toll Rides or bridleways or both. Get in touch with us by email – donna@tollrides.org.uk if you are interested in participating.



TROT now on Facebook : 10th September 2013

We have now opened a page : TROT Toll Rides. If you have any events, photos or information you would like to add please let know. We look forward to hearing from you.




TROT featured in Horse and Hound - 29th August 2013

Horse and Hound issue 29th August featured TROT in the ASK US? feature. To read the full article CLICK HERE, or on the image below.

Horse and Hound


NEW – Important Changes to Renewal and Joining Dates and Hatbands – 22nd May 2013

Following feedback from our existing members we are making a change to our members renewal and joining dates.

One of the areas highlighted to us by many members is the problem with the misuse of hatbands.  Disappointingly some people continue to use their hatbands without paying their membership fee and this is not fair to the members that do pay.  In addition this means the landowners and TROT do not receive the fees that are owed to them to ensure the routes can be kept open, properly maintained and managed.

We have listened to these comments and have therefore decided to introduce yearly hatbands from 1st May 2014 for all members.  This will highlight who is an up-to-date member and will help members, local agents and landowners to identify this. 

Hatbands will have the TROT logo but may not have individual membership numbers printed on them due to costs.  Therefore upon a renewal payment each year members will be sent a different colour hatband to replace the previous years (to be confirmed for forestry only members).

To enable this change to happen we will need to move all members onto the same renewal date which will be 1st May.

To bring everyone onto the 1st May date your renewal or joining fee will be pro-rated from May 2013 to March 2014 to take this change into account.  Once you renew on 1st May 2014 you will be sent your new hatband.

To find out how much you need to pay from May 2013 to March 2014 please see the attached Sliding Scale of Fees – May 2013 to March 2014. Just look at the month you are renewing or joining and this will show the amount you need to pay.  For example if you join in August or your renewal date is 28th August then you will pay £93 for a full adult membership rather than the yearly rate of £140.

It you have any queries on this please contact the office on 01622 735599 – Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm.




NEW – Summer Membership – 22nd May 2013

Following feedback from our members we have introduced a membership that runs in the drier and warmer (hopefully!) months of the year.

Therefore we have introduced a Summer Membership which runs for six months from the 1st May to 31st October each year. Please see the attached Sliding Scale of Fees for costs.

Please contact the office for further information on 01622 735599 – Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm.




WR07 – Upton Snodsbury – Temporary Closure – 12th February 2013

Unfortunately we need to make a temporary closure with immediate effect on the above route.

The land over which the route runs was sold to a number of different people last year and we have been working to try to keep the route open.  However it is not possible to do this at the present time.  We hope to be able to restart negotiations in the summer with a view to reopening some of the route in the autumn.  We will let you know how we get on at a later date.

If you have any queries please contact the TROT office on 01622 735599.




THANK YOU! – 30th January 2013

We wanted to say a big thank you to all our members that returned their feedback form and updated their personal details following the mailing we sent just before Christmas.

We’ve had a great response and really appreciate your time in sending this information back to us.  Your comments will help us to make plans for the future.

In due course we will let you know the main points that come out of this research but please bear with us as this is going to take quite a long time to compile.

For those of you that haven’t yet replied, here’s a gentle reminder to send it back to us!

Thank you again.



ROUTE CLOSURES – 30th January 2013

It is with sadness that we have to report the closure of three routes.

WS07 – Hook Farm – the landowner has decided to make changes on his land.  Our local agent Penny Cottrell worked very hard to try to rescue the route and we would like to thank her for her efforts.  Unfortunately these changes are incompatible with having the route on their land and the route will close from effect from 2nd February 2013.

WS04 – Hyde/Handcross – this route will close with effect from 3rd April 2013 following a decision of the Trustees of the Hyde 1990 Trust.

KE14 – Rolvenden – this route will close with effect from 30th April 2013. 

Unfortunately two of these routes had a very small number of members and therefore they weren’t financially viable for the landowner.  This coupled with problems on a few of these routes such as fly tipping and some people riding on wet ground have led to the closures.

This has highlighted to us how important it is that we recruit members for our routes.  Without a good core of members on each route, there is the very real risk that we could lose other routes.

In addition our members enjoy the privilege of riding on the toll rides due to the generosity and assistance of our landowners, farmers and the Forestry Commission.  The income for our landowners varies a good deal from year to year and a steady, if small, income from an area of their land given to horse riding may be welcome, provided it covers their costs, that it does not require too much of their time and effort and that they do not suffer too much hassle.

We should not forget our routes are not guaranteed to remain open for ever if our membership numbers fall and problems are caused for the landowners.

Please, please encourage your friends, family and fellow riders to join TROT.  We can’t do it without you!



Message for our members– 27th November 2012

We hope you and your horses are all safe and well during this spell of awful weather.

Could we please ask you at this time to take extra care if you are using any of our routes? Several of our landowners have contacted us and asked for members' co-operation in helping to keep the land in reasonable condition so if you are able to help us - and them - by riding with care and consideration, we would be very grateful!
Thank you very much.



FC21, FC22 and FC25 – Bramshill, Warren Heath, Heath Warren and Bramshill Common – Change from Hatbands to Saddle Tags 21.06.12

Following discussions with a number of people TROT has decided to reintroduce saddle/bridle tags for these routes only. For more details see the item on the NEWS page



Cross Country Jumps – 23.4.12

Can we remind all members they use all jumps on TROT routes at their own risk and that all members have a duty of care to themselves and their horses to ensure they are competent to use the jumps.

As part of the terms and conditions of being a member you are required to wear an approved riding hat at all times. We also strongly recommend you wear body protectors to the latest BETA standard if you are going to use the jumps and that you do not use the jumps if you are riding alone.



***Hatbands – Important Reminder – 31st January 2012***

Please remember you must wear your hatbands at all times when riding or driving on a Toll Route or in any of the Forests. Hatbands are the only way of identifying you are a TROT member. You may be stopped and challenged by the landowner/farmer or Forestry Commission personnel if you are not wearing a hatband. If you have lost your hatband or cannot use it anymore, i.e., if it has become too loose, then please don’t hesitate to contact the TROT office on 01622 735599.

Also please remember to send your hatband back to us if for any reason you can’t ride or drive, i.e., if your horse is lame. We will put you on hold and this means you won’t lose any remaining months of paid membership.

If you want to retire your membership, again please remember to return your hatband to the TROT office.

If we don’t receive your hatband back we will assume you are still using it and you will be liable for any accrued membership fees.

Thank you for your co-operation and please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01622 735599 if you have any queries.



*** TROT Agents *** 

Please send in your news and any photos or route information (such as route openings, changes and closures) to Wendy Yates (webmaster) so we can keep route details up-to-date. Thank you.



Tilgate Forest Rhododendron Clearance

FC will be carrying out rhododendron clearance at Tilgate Forest. This will affect areas both north and south of the M23.
Signs have already gone up in this area to advise people that work is imminent. FC have not applied for a closure of the wood but are asking that people pay due care and attention to the contractors as they work. They will be largely extracting the rhododendron with an excavator but mulching work and chainsaw operators will also be used.
Please click HERE to view the areas affected.



Trot Fees

From the 1st June 2011 the Scale of Fees will change. Please contact the office for more details


Maps showing Trot locations in your area

We have started to create geographical maps of regions to help members identify the start location of routes in an area. So far these have been introduced for the West and East Midlands, other regions are in progress. Visit the Routes menu section to view maps created so far.


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