About Us

TROT (Toll Rides Off-road Trust) – formerly South Eastern Toll Rides – is a charitable trust and was established in 1990 to try and marry the demand of horse riders and carriage drivers for safe off-road routes which avoid main roads with the supply of underused farm and woodland trails belonging to farmers and other private landowners. That remains the primary aim of the organisation today.

We also administer the Forestry Commission’s riding permit scheme for horse riding in forests in Southern England.  This agreement frees a vast number of woodland trails for use in relative safety separated in many cases from other users of the forests.

TROT is a non-profit making organisation which exists purely to provide safe and private routes for riders and carriage drivers.  With the exception of a small administrative charge which we try to minimise as far as possible, all membership fees collected by TROT are ploughed back into route maintenance and the preparation of new routes so that our members’ choice of locations is increased. So far as the Forestry Commission is concerned, TROT is told the yearly rate for each ride and this is what we are bound to charge on to our members.

A very important part of TROT’s organisation is the volunteer network of local agents. Local agents take care of one or more routes. Amongst other things, a local agent’s duties include checking that the route is in good condition, liaising with the landowner and ensuring that riders and carriage drivers have valid current TROT membership.  The local agents work voluntarily, but get free TROT membership. If you would like to be a local agent, please contact us.

We strive to reduce our costs as much as possible so that less money is spent on administration leaving more to spend on maintaining existing rides and providing new trails for our members.

We are very keen to increase the number of routes so it is vitally important that everyone who rides or drives on a TROT route has a valid membership for their local route.  If people ride or drive without valid membership, this is this very unfair to the TROT members who pay their subscription every year and we will  be less likely to be able to introduce the new routes that we would otherwise like to.

TROT is a registered charity No: 1020850.

The trustees are:Mr Michael Morris, Miss Judith Norris and Mrs Christine Hodge.

There is a small part-time team at our office at Ulcombe in Kent which provides the administrative backup for the organisation. The team mainly looks after membership enquiries and payments to landowners.

Please see the contact page for contact details.