Why should I buy a permit to ride in the forest?

The Forestry Commission manages woodland to achieve a wide range of objectives, including conservation, recreation and timber production.  TROT is a non-profit making charity with local knowledge and contacts that administers the horse riding permit system on behalf of the Forestry Commission.

Apart from Public Rights of Way (including bridleways and byways) all Forestry Commission access for horses is by permit only.  This is due to high demand for recreational use of the forests by many different user groups.

If you ride in the forest without a permit you will be deemed to be trespassing and if you are involved in an accident or incident your insurance will be invalid (unless you are riding on a public bridleway or byway).

Fees from permits can be channelled back into conservation and recreation projects.  Riders permit fees help to provide safe off road riding and maintain facilities in good condition. There are no other means of funding maintenance and improvement work for riders and drivers other than through the TROT permit system.  Without these fees the Forestry Commission will not be able to provide safe off-road riding and improvements would cease, access would be reduced and could ultimately be removed.  Please join us and encourage others to join – it won’t happen without you!

Forestry Notes and News

We ask the Forestry Commission to keep TROT informed of events that are taking place in the forests so that our members can check to see if there are any that may affect them.  We will post these notices here, so please check from time to time to see if there is anything happening on your local forestry route which might affect you.

Motorcycles and Quadbikes

Except for very specific approved events, motorcycle and quadbike use is strictly prohibited on Forestry Commission ground.  It is against the byelaws and contravenes legislation protecting the wildlife interest across the sites.

If you see one being used in the forest please contact the police on 101 to report the incident.  In the event of an accident caused by a motorcycle or quadbike, please call 999.