TROT is a registered charity that has always found ways of meeting most of the difficulties of establishing Farm Rides. TROT recognises the problems faced by landowners and works closely with them to promote a mutually beneficial relationship.

We understand that farmers and landowners who are prepared to consider allowing riders on their land by formal agreement are often met with a list of problems: the initial costs of providing gates and bridges for access, further expense in managing and promoting the ride and heavy time commitment. Farms can also be liable for business rates and VAT on these schemes as horse riding is not treated as an agricultural activity.

The main benefit for a landowner who is prepared to allow TROT members to ride or drive on their land  is that between 60% and 70% of the membership fee of members for whom the ride is deemed to be the 'home' ride goes back to the landowner. The more TROT members for whom  the ride is their 'home' ride, the more money the landowner gets. A member's 'home' ride is determined as the closest TROT ride to the stable where the member's horse is kept. Note that if a trail extends across more than one landowner's land, the income from the ride is split pro-rata by the length of each section of the ride between all the landowners

A ride has to conform to certain standards before it can be considered for inclusion as a TROT route. Please look at this page (link to page) which explains the required statndards. We provide you with help and advice when preparing a route and can sometimes offer financcial help with gates and route markers etc.

If you would like to find out more about how TROT Toll Rides can work for you please contact us using the contact form, or by email to