Our routes are either on privately owned or Forestry Commission land. Riding or carriage driving is by permit only & all routes are closed on Christmas day.

Please use the search box to display your chosen route & information, this will also mention any activity taking part on your route or part of,  that might have an impact . These informations are provided by either the event organisers/ Forestry commission or your Local Agent . 

KE19 - Sevenoaks

Farm route  ⋅  (8.22 miles)  ⋅  Has padlocked gate(s)
Approx 8 miles of tracks linking Sevenoaks Weald to Leigh. Box parking available but please contact local agent first. Local Agent Janet Phillips 01732 463294

WR08 - Hanley Castle

Farm route  ⋅  (8.02 miles)
Explorer 14 – The Hanley Castle toll ride now gives access to over miles of off-road riding through farmland. The route consists of a variety of terrain taking you along farm tracks leading to long stretches of pastureland, headlands around arable fields and two small areas of ...

KE21 - Frittenden

Farm route  ⋅  (3.56 miles)  ⋅  Has padlocked gate(s)
Explorer 137 - A 2 part ride around an undulating orchard and a flat headland. Local Agent: Pauline Roestenburg- 07776144993

KE05 - Four Elms and Toys Hill

Farm route  ⋅  (6.48 miles)  ⋅  Has padlocked gate(s)
Explorer 147- Several linking circuits totalling 6 miles with numerous jumps. The area of the route runs from Swan Lane Farm (Edenbridge) across to Roodlands Lane. The rides in and around Chittenden Wood are now closed due to a change in land ownership. Box park facilities on ...

SU02 - South Godstone. Blindley Heath, Tilburstow Hill and Crowhurst

Farm route  ⋅  (2.93 miles)
Explorer 146 - Two routes off Tandridge Lane: One route goes east using Stocks and Kingswood Farm drive coming out near Crowhurst, the other goes west along a track by Comforts Place Farmhouse (key required) leading down a track to Danemore Lane and the A22 at the garden centre....

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