Our routes are either on privately owned or Forestry Commission land. Riding or carriage driving is by permit only & all routes are closed on Christmas day.

Please use the search box to display your chosen route & information, this will also mention any activity taking part on your route or part of,  that might have an impact . These informations are provided by either the event organisers/ Forestry commission or your Local Agent . 

KE05 - Four Elms

Farm route  ⋅  (6.00 miles)
Local Agent Harriet Brise 07951 190290 Explorer 147- Several linking circuits totalling 6miles Box Park facilities. The area of the route runs from (Edenbridge) into the Four Elms circuit, Toys Hill Extension: linking with National Trust circular r...

KE24 - Chevening/ Knocholt

Farm route  ⋅  (6.34 miles)  ⋅  Has padlocked gate(s)
Chevening & Knockholt Pound Chipstead & Dunton Green Michael Morris Tel: 01732 465440 Explorer 147 - This three pronged route opened in June 1999 and provides a link from the Northeast side of the M25 and M26 and a further link under the M26 to the Sevenoaks side

KE19 - Sevenoaks

Farm route  ⋅  (8.22 miles)  ⋅  Has padlocked gate(s)
Approx 8 miles of tracks linking Sevenoaks Weald to Leigh. Box parking available but please contact local agent first. Local Agent Janet Phillips 01732 463294

KE21 - Frittenden

Farm route  ⋅  (3.56 miles)  ⋅  Has padlocked gate(s)
Explorer 137 - A 2 part ride around an undulating orchard and a flat headland. Local Agent: Pauline Roestenburg- 07776144993

SU02 - South Godstone. Blindley Heath, Tilburstow Hill and Crowhurst

Farm route  ⋅  (2.93 miles)
Explorer 146 - Two routes off Tandridge Lane: One route goes east using Stocks and Kingswood Farm drive coming out near Crowhurst, the other goes west along a track by Comforts Place Farmhouse (key required) leading down a track to Danemore Lane and the A22 at the garden centre....

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