KE05 - Four Elms and Toys Hill (Gold)

General information

6.48 miles  ⋅  Farm route  ⋅  Has padlocked gates

Short description

Explorer 147- Several linking circuits totalling 6 miles with numerous jumps. The area of the route runs from Swan Lane Farm (Edenbridge) across to Roodlands Lane. The rides in and around Chittenden Wood are now closed due to a change in land ownership. Box park facilities on west side of Broxham Manor Drive. Please take care to park in correct place - not in the Four Elms Church Car Park.

Swan Lane Farm: Continuing from the B2026 north of Edenbridge on the reclassified Bridleway SR588 into the Four Elms circuit, via the farm, with Swan Lane itself.

It is imperative that all gates are shut! Jumps on this route may have a strand of barbed wire across them - particularly when cattle are out. Take care to inspect before jumping.

Local Agent:Harriet Brise:

Tel: 07951 190290


Sophie Brise