KE33 - Flightshott/Brenchley (Gold)

General information

6.69 miles  ⋅  Farm route  ⋅  Has padlocked gates

Short description

This route is 6-7 miles long and follows headlands around and through the orchards with stunning views over the Weald. The route borders land that does not belong to Flightshott Farm therefore it is essential to keep to the way marked routes. The land is generally well drained so can be used all year. There are three sections to the route with little road work.

Box Parking is available.

Please note: This is a working fruit farm where bees are used to pollinate the crop. The bees are put in the middle of the orchards between April and May each year. Crop spraying takes place between March and September. As with any farm, please do not expect farm operations to stop for you and your horse as it may not always be possible. There is also a dog that lives on the farm with one of the workers who roams but has never caused any issues to date, just ignore him and walk on.

Friendly local agent who is happy to show you where to go by arrangement.

Local Agent:

Lis Searle Tel: 07734 040004