Terms & Conditions

TROT membership is an annual subscription and as a charity we do not give refunds if you cancel part way through your membership.

Membership runs from 1 May until 30 April. Membership fees are payable by a single annual amount. Payment is due within 14 days of receiving an invitation to renew. If payment is not received within this period, we reserve the right to terminate your membership and deposits are retained.

A charge of £16 is made for each hatband/saddle tag in year 1 (first joining), then £6 per annum. £25 deposit is required for each key provided. An administration charge of £5 per key refund is levied. Refund is only given if key returned within 14 days of membership expiry.

Toll routes are open during daylight hours only. All toll routes are closed on Christmas Day. Routes may be closed during wet or adverse weather or at the discretion of the landowner or Forestry Commission. Landowners of the toll routes and/or the Forestry Commission reserve the right to close or restrict the routes for purposes of forestry, farm or land management.

As a member of Toll Rides (Off Road) Trust, I agree to:

  1. Pay my membership fee within 14 days of receiving my renewal invitation.
  2. Wear my hatband and id card or display my saddle tag at all times when riding/carriage driving on a farm or forestry toll ride route.
  3. Indemnify TROT, FC and any landowner against any claim made by myself/ my child in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by myself/my child or my horse/pony while using any toll route or by any person arising out of my/my child's riding. TROT requires all Members to have a third party liability insurance.
  4. Understand that I/my child use toll routes entirely at my/our own risk and that I will rely on my own inspection of the terrain at all times. TROT, FC, landowners or landowners' agents will take reasonable steps to keep routes clear and safe for riders. I understand that most routes are on working farms or forests and that some form of ongoing work, especially during harvests, is inevitable.
  5. Enter and leave toll routes only at the authorised points and to close/lock all gates after passage.
  6. Where landowners or the Forestry Commission provide box parking facilities, I will park with care and consideration and will ensure that the box park is left in a clean and tidy condition before I leave.
  7. Observe all FC and other by-laws, show courtesy and consideration to all other users, comply with any direction given by a landowner, TROT Local Agent or Beat Forester.
  8. Wear a properly fitting BS standard riding hat at all times; ensure that my horse is safely tacked up with sound tack; ride appropriately at all times.
  9. Use cross country jumps at my own risk and wear a body protector to the latest BETA standard.
  10. NOT claim any right of way over the land on which I will be riding. I will not abuse the toll route or any of the forest routes. I will stay strictly on the toll routes that are marked on maps and indicated by way markers. I will not ride in a way that will cause damage to routes, damage crops or disturb livestock or wildlife. I will not take dogs on farm routes.
  11. Accept TROT's decision to withdraw my hatband/saddle tag if any complaint is made about my use of any toll route or forestry route.
  12. If the applicant is under 18 years of age this application must be signed by the parent/guardian by way of guarantee for the young person’s obligations and to agree to be bound by TROT's Rules and Regulations on behalf of the young person.
  13. To return key(s)  to TROT If I cancel or do not renew my Membership. Failure to do so within 14 days of termination will automatically mean your acceptance of another year's membership.

April 2019